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Bell MTS Place

Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg is one of the smallest arenas in the NHL capacity-wise, but fans of the hometown Jets likely don’t care. It’s been a few years since the league returned after nearly 20 years away with the relocation of the former Atlanta Thrashers, but it’s hard to tell if the love affair has worn off.

The Jets haven’t yet rewarded their fans with postseason success, but when they finally returned to the playoffs in 2015, the familiar “White-Out” that greeted the team in past playoff runs came back with it.

Whether the team makes the playoffs or not, the team’s barn in the heart of downtown has an atmosphere any NHL fan should check out.

  •   The Approach

    While Winnipeg itself isn’t an easy place to get to, considering its somewhat isolated spot in the Canadian Prairies, Bell MTS Place is located downtown along its most well-known street, Portage Avenue. It’s also just a few blocks away from the city’s most prominent intersection, Portage and Main.

    If you’re a visitor to “the Peg,” you’re very likely staying downtown and thus you’ll probably find it easiest to walk to the arena. The exception to this would be is if it’s the dead of winter, which is notoriously harsh on Winnipeg, in which case you’ll want to try and take advantage of the city’s network of underground walkways as much as possible to access the arena.

    Drivers can find many lots and structures downtown, including several within close proximity to Bell MTS Place and a few attached to the underground walkway system. You can find parking suggestions here.

  •   The Build-Up

    Given its prime location downtown, there are many options for pregame eating and drinking. One is attached to the arena — Moxie’s Grill and Bar, a Canadian chain. You can also find a list of downtown restaurants and pubs here, many of which are good for watching the game if you don’t have tickets for it.

    If you’re not Canadian, don’t be shy about trying one of the chains nearby, as the experience will likely be new to you. Some of the chains within a few blocks of Bell MTS Place include Boston Pizza and The Keg. Another option, weather permitting, is the market at The Forks, considered Winnipeg’s central meeting place and a straight shot down Portage Avenue from the arena.

  •   The Ambiance

    With a brick exterior and circular atrium at its main entrance point at the corner of Portage and Donald, Bell MTS Place appears to blend in well with the buildings surrounding it. Once inside, it’s cozy but not tight, not surprising given the size of the arena, and the seating bowl is pretty standard-issue for a hockey venue.

    The Jets added a new high-definition video board above center ice for the 2015-16 season, as part of a rolling set of renovations planned for coming seasons. New railings and glass panes added to the aisles in the upper deck caused fans to complain about obstructed views, which the team has promised to address.

    Concessions options at Bell MTS Place include the presence of several chains, including Tim Hortons and Pizza Pizza. However, one item worth trying is the Jumbo Jet Dog, an eight-inch wiener that comes with a selection of toppings such as bacon bits, chili and even pierogies.

The Particulars

Home Teams
Winnipeg Jets

300 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 5S4

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