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Western Canada Hockey Swing, Part 1

For quite a long time, it’s been the dream of Mrs. Fan and I to travel the length of Canada, watching hockey games all along the way. Well, we’re finally doing the trip — except that because of limited time (ie. vacation days at the ol’ office), we’ve shortened the trip to just western Canada.

And if it’s western Canada we’re talking about, what better place to begin than Vancouver? Yesterday we hit up Rogers Arena in downtown VanCity to watch the Canucks take on the visiting Stars.


It was a great introduction to watching hockey in Canada: poutine was on the menu, the word “favourite” was displayed on the videoboard and a spectator behind us used the word “hoser.” The home team wound up losing, but it sure seemed like everyone took the loss in stride.

Next stop, Alberta! We’re checking out games in Calgary and Edmonton in the coming days.

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