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Here at The Itinerant Fan, we love to hear from fellow travelers with similar missions to ours — to see as many stadiums as possible, and to document their experiences (through writing, photos, what have you) in the hope that it helps others.

In that spirit, we present to you Ballpark E-Guides, a site devoted to putting together insider tips on visiting Major League Baseball’s parks. Kurt Smith, the man behind the site, is compiling a collection of ballpark guides to behold — there’s a cost to getting the full guide, but there are print and digital options available, and a few teaser tips for each park to whet your appetite.

Since I’m planning to visit Washington sometime this coming season, I got my hands on Kurt’s guide for Nationals Park — and let me tell you, it is THOROUGH. Everything from ticket-buying tips to food choices to parking options. I thought I knew D.C. well, but I’ve already found quite a few nuggets of info in the guide that I’m looking forward to testing for myself (I’m not going to spill the beans — that’s Kurt’s job — but let’s just say I’m now looking forward to doing some good eatin’, both outside and inside the ballpark). Look in particular for the “Tightwad Tips,” highlighted parts of each section in which he offers money-saving tips that you might not otherwise know about.

We’re proud to say that our humble site has helped Kurt in planning his visit to Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, so in the spirit of sharing resources and making as much information available to aspiring sports travelers as possible, we’ve linked to the corresponding Ballpark E-Guide on each of our MLB Itinerary pages. We hope you’ll check the site out, and we’re looking forward to seeing Kurt continue his ballpark travels. With the help of his handy guides, we’re delighted to be doing the same thing.

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